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Over the last few years the company has undergone radical changes, aimed at innovating cultural practices and transformation processes, managing to present itself today as a high-tech structure in which traditional techniques are integrated with modern procedures, in order to guarantee the highest quality and authenticity of the final product.

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We offer high quality wines, the result of the synthesis between innovation and tradition, giving the palates of our customers the pleasant sensation that only a good wine can give

The vineyard

Over the last few years the company has undergone radical changes, aimed at innovating cultural practices and transformation processes, managing to present itself today as a high-tech structure in which traditional techniques are integrated with modern procedures, in order to guarantee the highest quality and authenticity of the final product.


Le varietà

Historical vine of Sicily where it has been cultivated since time immemorial. Medium vigorous plant, medium to medium-large leaf, medium, conical or pyramidal cluster, more or less elongated, medium berries with green-yellow skin. Medium maturation. The Catarratto grapes enter the composition of many Sicilian white wines. The wine is straw-yellow in color tending towards golden, aromatic profile with light fruity and floral notes, the taste is characterized by its important alcohol content and good structure, neutral flavor, medium acidity and tendentially soft.

Cited by Cupani (1696), the origin is still uncertain. It is linked to the ancient wines that went by the name of “Calabresi di Augusta” and “Vini di Vittoria”. The name Calabrese presumably derives from two ancient Sicilian words “Calea” – “Aulisi”, grape of Avola, linked to the place of original selection. The king of Sicilian vines is successfully cultivated in all the viticultural areas of the island, where it finds its highest qualitative expression.

Aristocratic white fruit variety of Burgundy and well known throughout France, where it represents some prestigious wines. From France it has also spread to Valle D’Aosta and Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is one of the most cultivated vines in the world. It is the ingredient of the best Italian sparkling wines and gives both fruity and light whites that are powerful and full-bodied.

It is grown along the Adige river. Together with Gewurztraminer, Riesling Renano, Muller Thurgau produces the aromatic, delicate and refined white wine of the same name. Its natural terroir is the Val di Cembra.

It is one of the most popular grape varieties in the world and is particularly suitable for the production of wines of remarkable quality and great longevity. The plant shows adaptability to the most diverse climatic conditions and winemaking techniques.

Da essa si producono vini ricchi di tannini e sostanze aromatiche che favoriscono un lungo invecchiamento; lunghe macerazioni e affinamento in legno che permettono di sviluppare nel tempo un bouquet complesso e affascinante.

Il vitigno Cabernet Sauvignon predilige terreni poco fertili, maturazione tardiva e di produzione media ma costante.

Il vino è di colore rosso rubino intenso, tendente al violaceo, di corpo, alcolico, aromatico e con un lieve e caratteristico sapore erbaceo. Si affina notevolmente con l’invecchiamento, e vinificato con altri vitigni, quali il Merlot, ne migliora notevolmente le caratteristiche organolettiche.

It is a black grape variety, whose name derives from the particular fondness that the blackbird has for its berries.

The plant has remarkable robustness and abundant and constant production, it prefers hilly and fresh soils, with good humidity. The Merlot grape produces a wine of a more or less intense ruby ​​red color, with a fruity aroma, and notes of red flowers. The taste is quite tannic, soft and full-bodied.

Moscato Giallo is used both as a table grape and for the vinification for sweet sparkling or raisin wines, sometimes in dry version as still wine.

This grape variety has high vigor, an early ripening and a good and regular production. The Moscato Giallo wine has a color that varies from yellow to golden yellow, the nose is pleasantly aromatic, with a scent of muscat grapes and a markedly sweet flavor. Often it has hints of citrus and baked apples.

From it we produce wines rich in tannins and aromatic substances which favor long aging; long macerations and aging in wood that allow to develop a complex and fascinating bouquet over time.

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape prefers not very fertile soils, late ripening and medium but constant production.

The wine is intense ruby ​​red in color, tending towards purplish, full-bodied, alcoholic, aromatic and with a light and characteristic herbaceous flavor. It is significantly refined with aging, and vinified with other vines, such as Merlot, greatly improves its organoleptic characteristics.

Dark grape variety. It gives classy, spicy wines, with an intense color and complex structure that take advantage of the aging in barrels. In Italy it is located in Sicily where it is vinified alone or cut with Nero D’Avola.

White berry variety, probably belonging to the same Garganega family, is widely used in Sicily where it was imported, as the name suggests, by the Greeks. About 5,000 ha are cultivated, it is part of some d.o.c. and has some aromatic affinities with Sauvignon, even if it is a grape variety whose qualities have not yet been fully expressed. It has a medium, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf, the upper lobes are more marked, very pronounced irregular teeth, a slightly wrinkled flap, opaque green, almost hairless. Long, cylindrical, winged cluster, with more or less pronounced wings, half-angle or half-compact with more or less evident acinellation. Medium berry, spheroid, golden yellow in color, with a thick and consistent skin.

There is certain information on its cultivation in Sicily since the late 1800s. Recent studies have shown that Grillo is a grape fruit of the cross between Catarratto and Zibibbo. Vigorous plant, medium to large leaf, conical cluster, medium berries – large with thick, slightly pruinose green-yellow skin with orange-pink shades on the exposed parts. Medium maturation. With its grapes excellent white wines are produced, ready or suitable for aging.Its wine has a straw yellow color, good aromatic outfit, with herbaceous, floral and citrus notes, the taste is sapid, with good acidity and a balanced softness, excellent taste structure. Grillo is mainly widespread in the Trapani area. It is also present in the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento.

Uncertain origins, it is described by Sestini (1760) in his memoirs on the wines of Vittoria, a place where it is still cultivated today. Present especially in the province of Ragusa and Syracuse, Frappato is an average vigorous plant with large leaves and medium to large bunches, berries with a pruinose, thick and leathery skin, blue-violet in color.

Le uve vinificate in purezza danno un ottimo vino di colore rosso rubino poco carico e brillante, elevati sentori vinosi, fruttati e floreali, mediamente corposo, tannino equilibrato, al gusto fresco e morbido, molto armonico.

It is one of the vines that has long lived in Sicily. Quoted by Pliny with the name of Irziola. Widely spread throughout the island, it contributes to the creation of many white wines. Locally the grapes are also used for fresh consumption.

Medium vigorous plant, medium-large leaf, medium-large, pyramidal or conical cluster, berries with thick and pruinose skin of golden or amber yellow color, crunchy, sweet and semi-aromatic pulp. Medium maturation.

Vinified in purity, Inzolia gives a fine straw yellow wine with greenish reflections, characteristic aromas of the grape, the taste has a neutral, fairly savory taste, good alcoholic content, balanced acidity and softness.

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